Advertising on Telegram: Marketing Platform Review



Advertising on Telegram: Marketing Platform Review



What is is working with a smart choice?Advantages of to work with a step-by-step guideSelecting channels for your project:Placing an order for advertising in Telegram channels:

Today Telegram is not just "another messenger", but one of the most popular promotion tools. It's no surprise: the platform's audience is steadily growing, hundreds of new channels appear every day, where an audience can be found for any business or expert.

This growing popularity naturally leads to a question — how to automate the ad placement process and make it more efficient? Here comes — a marketplace for native integrations in Telegram, which takes over all the processes associated with the selection of Telegram channels and the launch of campaigns.

In this article, we'll explore the unique advantages of and the strategies to optimize your promotion on Telegram.

What is is a user-friendly marketplace for native integrations in Telegram, ensuring a quick reach of the audience across channels and bots on relevant topics. The service simplifies the process of ordering placements, freeing you from tasks such as finding suitable channels, drafting contracts, and monitoring publications.

The platform offers a catalog with more than 2,700 real and carefully moderated channels. In addition, provides free analytics and a full package of solutions for corporate clients, and the delightful option of ordering "turnkey" placements.

Choose channels, create projects, and get analytics for each launched advertising. Simple, effective, and hassle-free.

Why is working with a smart choice?

Those of us who have even once tried to organize the placement process in Telegram know — it's a task that takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of focusing on business processes, you find yourself spending hours selecting channels, digging for statistics, waiting for responses from channel owners, handling payments, tracking publications, and dealing with various issues. It quickly becomes overwhelming.

Working through significantly simplifies this process: instead of spending time launching a campaign on your own, you just need to register, create a project, and top up your balance in any convenient way.

The catalog provides all the information on statistics and pricing for placements in channels and bots. Plus, user-friendly filters allow you to quickly sort them by the topics, languages, and formats.

If you have no experience working with Telegram, you can delegate the entire process of launching a campaign to a personal manager as part of one of the package offers. The manager will develop a custom promotion plan, handpick channels, notify you about post publication, and all you need to do is approve the placement.

Advantages of

Manual Moderation of Channels: Specialists manually review channels and chats before they make it into the catalog, ensuring only genuine, bot-free channels are presented on the platform.

Easy-to-Use Analytics Tools: No need for manual searches; the service hands you all the essential information about subscribers, views, engagement rates (ER), and cost per view (CPV) for each channel. You also get theme-based analytics.

Placement Automation: You can order publications in dozens or even hundreds of channels simultaneously, create unique posts, and links for tracking clicks.

Secure Payment Process: Performers are paid only after publication, and if a placement is canceled, the funds are immediately returned to your balance.

Corporate-Friendly Features: provides the convenience of non-cash payments and supplies all necessary documentation, making it easy for companies to work with.

24/7 Support: If you run into any trouble,'s support team is on hand to help resolve your issues quickly.

How to work with a step-by-step guide

Selecting channels for your project:

1.Create an account on to begin the process of selecting channels for your project.