Creating a project with bloggers on a step-by-step guide



Creating a project with bloggers on a step-by-step guide



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Greetings, dear clients! Our service,, presents a fantastic way of boosting your sales and brand exposure through native integrations on Instagram.

The main advantage of the platform is the open catalog of Influencers, where customers can choose suitable bloggers on their own or with the help of a manager - a feature that can be obtained as a gift when purchasing a package of placements. After selecting the Influencers, you can contact them directly to clarify all the details of the integration.

This step-by-step guide is designed to help you through the process of putting out your first integration order - be it an customized order with a specific Influencers or a ready-made package. Either way, this guide was created to ensure that your first project will be launched successfully.

Getting started

Let's get down to business. You can start right from the main page - there’s a big “Get Started” button at the bottom of the first screen. Alternatively, you may want to top up your balance first, to make sure you don’t get distracted from the process of choosing the most suitable Influencer and giving them all the necessary details about the desired integration. To top up your balance, you can click the “Top-up the Balance” button at the top of the page. If you have already done it, just skip the next step and press the silhouette button in the top right corner.

Adding funds to your account

Pressing the “Top-up the Balance” button will take you to the screen you can see below. You can choose the most suitable payment option, be it a direct payment by card or a bank transfer. Just click the desired panel and enter your payment details - nothing different from your usual online shopping!

Creating a new project

So, you’ve topped-up your balance, and now you’re ready to place your first order! To do that, as mentioned before, you can click at the silhouette in the top right corner and then click “My projects” from the top-up menu. Then, you can either click a “Buy a ready-made offer” button, or a “New project” button either on top, or right below the sad pug.

And here you can see the overview of our ready-made offers: