Discover Influencers for Instagram Advertising. An All-Encompassing Handbook



Discover Influencers for Instagram Advertising. An All-Encompassing Handbook



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Influencer marketing is one of the most effective promotional tools for businesses on Instagram. Working with the right influencer can help you gain a lot of new followers, increase engagement, and drive sales. In this article, we'll cover how to search for influencers manually, provide an overview of automatic aggregators with large databases, and outline the rules you should follow when working with influencers.

How to choose influencers for advertising in Instagram

You can search for influencers for advertising integrations on your own, or you can turn to special services. The first option takes more time, but is free. However, with the second option, you can find an influencer in 5 minutes, but you have to pay. Let's find out how these 2 methods work.


1. Analysis of followers

To analyze the followers of a competitor or your own audience, simply visit the competitor's profile and look for the commenters. Take note of who these commenters follow, as they may also be interested in your product or service. This method has the advantage of targeting people who are already familiar with the product and its features, making it easier to convince them to buy.

If you need to quickly find a large number of influencers, or if the niche is too narrow, you can analyze the top influencers' subscriptions. Influencers in a specific field are often connected with other experts in that topic, so this can be a great way to identify potential collaborators.

2. Search by suggestions

Instagram algorithms suggest similar accounts by topic. To get a selection, you first need to subscribe to the profile you are interested in, or click on the + button with the person on the right “suggested for you”.

3. Hashtags

To search by hashtags, click on the magnifying glass in the bottom menu bar, type in search, e.g. "recipes" and select "tags" at the top. Next, you open the posts or reels, choose the ones with high activity, go to the profile, and check the influencer's reach and followers. Analyze if he or she meets the requirements.

4. Search in recommendations

To find the influencers you want to work with, you can check out the recommendations in the main feed or global feed. To do this, simply click on the search button at the bottom of your screen and browse through the suggested accounts. These accounts are likely to be similar to ones you've liked, followed, or saved before. However, keep in mind that this method may not be suitable if you're looking for influencers in a different niche.

To keep your list of influencers organized, you can save them in different folders. To do this, open the post and click on the "Bookmark" button located in the bottom right corner. Then, select "New selection" from the drop-down menu and give the selection a name, such as "Food influencers".

5. Search by location

A method for local brands whose target audience is in a certain region. To do this, identify a city, such as London, and then a popular attraction such as London Eye. Search for this location in a general search, select "Places", and then the suggested geo-metric. Then click on the account names to check the influencer.

6. Keyword search

This method is similar to the hashtag search, but instead of searching by tags, we search by keyword. The principle remains the same: simply click on the search button at the bottom of your screen, type in a keyword such as "ballet," "ballerina," or "pointe shoes," and select the "Accounts" button. This makes it easy to find influencers with clear professions, such as social media managers, carpenters, or nail technicians.

Using the service

Another way to find influencers for advertising - influencers’ end-to-end platforms. is a service, where you can find influencers for a precise query. Let's look closer into the service and understand how to work with it.

Step 1: Registration. You need to enter email, password, additional means for communication and agree to the terms and conditions of the platform.

Step 2: Choose an influencer in the catalog. You can search for an influencer by category. has more than 20 of them: from beauty, business and handicrafts to cryptocurrency, choreography and esoterics. You can also choose by geography - country and city.