From Negotiations to Analytics. The Comprehensive Role of an Influencer's Manager



From Negotiations to Analytics. The Comprehensive Role of an Influencer's Manager



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To develop an Instagram account, you need to create content, work on promotion and look for opportunities for advertising integrations. Combining all this is difficult. Therefore, influencers need professionals who will take over communication with brand representatives and help monetize the account. But the search for advertisers is not all that an influencer's manager does. Let’s explore what is included in the duties of the manager. We will also share a useful service for those who already work as an influencer’s manager.

What does an influencer’s manager do

With the development of Instagram, influencer marketing appeared together with the promotion of goods, services and brands with the help of influencers (opinion leaders). Each influencer is an opinion leader for his or her audience because they trust their recommendations. Therefore, brands are interested in placing ads on the pages of influencers.

In order to concentrate on creativity and not be distracted by routine work, influencers hire managers. In each case, the set of responsibilities is unique and variable. Influencers' managers are usually responsible for communication with the audience and potential advertisers, and can be personal assistants or/and secretary at the same time. In rare cases, they can also be involved in promotion. In other words, an influencer’s manager is his or her official representative. So, in sum, these are the tasks of an influencer’s manager.

  • Attracts advertisers. Collaborations allow you to monetize your Instagram account. The manager communicates with potential customers, looks for advertisers, responds to incoming offers etc.
  • Communicates with followers. Popular influencers cannot independently respond to a huge number of messages and comments. The manager helps to keep up with the communication with the audience.
  • Participates in the creation of a personal brand. An influencer’s manager works not only on the promotion of the page in the social networks, but also on the recognition of the influencer. Manager helps to maintain the influencer’s reputation among the target audience.
  • Organizes the workflow. An influencer’s manager solves organizational issues, such as booking of tickets and hotels, arranging appointments, and maintaining primary documentation.

The competencies of an influencer’s manager are at the intersection of marketing, PR, sales and analytics. To successfully succeed in the profession, you will need knowledge and skills from various fields.

Skills of an influencer's manager

  • Strategic thinking. A manager has to set clear, measurable goals and think through a plan to achieve them.
  • Negotiations’ pro. It is important to communicate well with advertisers and sign contracts on favorable terms.
  • Trendy. A manager should study the interests of the audience and choose the relevant up-to-date formats of advertising content.
  • SMM professional. It is crucial to understand in detail how social media promotion works.
  • Analytical thinking. Tracking the audience activity indicators and the effectiveness of advertising publications is important to evaluate the monetization strategy.
  • In-depth knowledge of photo and video editors. The manager usually does not participate in the creation of the content, but should know how to manage the layouts for advertising integrations.

How to become an influencer's manager

It will be easier to enter this profession for those who already work in PR, marketing or SMM. Others have to learn from scratch certain skills and spend more time on preparing. You can study on online educational platforms or on author's programs from independent experts. After that, you need to complete an internship. Many educational platforms offer employment assistance and programs for interns after the course completion. You can also find an internship yourself by sending CVs to agencies, searching on specialized websites or offering your services to familiar influencers.

During the internship, you will have your first clients, and will be able to start creating a portfolio. At the beginning, make a small self-presentation. Next, tell where you completed an internship, what were you responsible for and which results you achieved.

How to find a job as an influencers’ manager

  • Send portfolios to opinion leaders. You can start with micro-influencers. Make a selection of accounts with approximately 2,000 to 50,000 followers and send them your portfolio. Make sure to write a cover letter, in which you explain why you want to work with an influencer.
  • Monitor sites with vacancies and LinkedIN. Influencers rarely use such resources, but you should not completely disregard them.

​​How an influencers’ manager can use

To successfully monetize an Instagram account, a manager needs to find advertisers. In this section we will talk about a service that will help to create a constant stream of collaborations with advertisers.