How to identify fake Instagram followers



How to identify fake Instagram followers



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In recent years, Instagram has evolved from a mere photo-sharing platform to a powerful tool for businesses, influencers, and content creators to reach a global audience. While the pursuit of a massive following is tempting, it's imperative to prioritize quality over quantity. The rise of fake followers has emerged as a significant issue, impacting an account's credibility, engagement rates, and ultimately, its success.

In 2023, it is crucial to discern between genuine and fake followers manually. Now we will explore effective methods to identify and weed out fake Instagram followers, ensuring your profile remains genuine and your influence authentic.

1. Engagement Analysis. One of the most reliable indicators of genuine followers is their engagement with your content. Genuine followers will show interest in your posts by liking, commenting, and sharing. Analyze the likes-to-followers ratio and comments on your posts. If you notice a high follower count but disproportionately low engagement, it may be a red flag.

2. Follower Growth Patterns. Examine the growth pattern of your followers. Genuine followers accumulate over time, resulting in a gradual and steady growth curve. Sudden spikes in followers, especially when accompanied by erratic drops shortly after, could indicate the use of bots or fake followers.

3. Profile Quality Check. Examine the profiles of your followers. Authentic followers typically have profile pictures, posts, followers, and followings. Blank profiles or those with very few posts could signify fake accounts.

Example of a fake Instagram profile

4. Content Relevance. Check if your followers' interests align with your content. If your content is about fitness, for instance, and a significant portion of your followers are interested in unrelated topics or products, they might be fake accounts.

5. Check for Generic Comments. Analyze the comments on your posts. Look for generic, repetitive comments that could be automated. Common phrases or emojis repeated across different posts indicate possible fake engagement.

6. Spam and Suspicious Accounts. Identify accounts that exhibit spam-like behavior. This could include posting numerous unrelated comments, sending multiple direct messages with spam content, or aggressively promoting unrelated products or services.

7. Follower-to-Following Ratio. Analyze the ratio of followers to following for a suspicious account. If an account has an extremely high number of followers but follows a minimal number of accounts, it might be a purchased or fake follower account.

8. Audience Location. Check the locations of your followers. If a significant portion comes from countries unrelated to your content or target audience, they could be fake accounts.

Example of a normal followers’ distribution

9. Use of Automation Tools. Look for signs of automation in the account's behavior. This could include unusually high activity at odd hours, consistent likes/comments within a short period, or following/unfollowing patterns that seem robotic.


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Influencer’s statistics in Influencer card

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How to remove fake followers from Instagram?

If you own an Instagram account as a brand or a big company, you might also ask why do fake accounts follow me on Instagram? Let us explain why.

  • Follower Count Boost. Some individuals or businesses create fake accounts to artificially increase their follower count. A higher follower count can give the appearance of popularity, influence, or credibility.
  • Engagement Gaming. Fake accounts might follow users to inflate the engagement metrics of specific accounts. These metrics include likes, comments, and shares, which can be manipulated to appear more engaged than they actually are.
  • Selling Followers. Some entities create fake accounts to later sell them to users or brands looking to boost their follower count quickly. These accounts may follow users in the hopes of gaining their attention.
  • Data Collection. Cybercriminals or unethical marketers may create fake accounts to collect personal information or gather data about user behaviors, interests, or preferences.
  • Phishing and Scams. Fake accounts may be used to initiate phishing attempts or scams. They may engage with users, leading them to malicious websites or fraudulent schemes.
  • Spam and Advertisement. Fake accounts can also serve as a conduit for spam or unwanted advertisements. They may follow users to spread these unwanted messages.
  • Bot Networks. Some fake accounts are part of larger bot networks controlled by individuals or organizations. These networks might have specific agendas, including spreading misinformation or influencing public opinion.
  • Algorithm Exploitation. Fake accounts might aim to exploit social media algorithms to gain visibility and further propagate their message, links, or content.
  • Competitive Sabotage. In some cases, competitors or adversaries may create fake accounts to undermine or tarnish the reputation of a user or brand.
  • Testing and Research. Researchers or data analysts might create fake accounts to study Instagram's algorithms, behavior patterns, or vulnerabilities.

Now that we know the reasons, let’s delve into the question of how to remove fake followers from Instagram.

Start by manually going through your follower list and identifying accounts that seem suspicious, such as those with no profile pictures, generic usernames, little to no activity, or a high following-to-follower ratio. Check the engagement on your posts from these suspicious accounts. If you notice generic comments, irrelevant likes, or consistent patterns in their interactions, they might be fake followers. Periodically review your followers and repeat the steps mentioned above to ensure your account remains free of fake or inactive followers. If you suspect an account is fake or engaging in spammy behavior, report it to Instagram. Visit the profile, tap the three dots, and choose "Report." Follow the prompts to report the account. Consider switching to a private account. This gives you control over who follows you, allowing you to review and approve follower requests.

To prevent future fake followers, focus on authentic engagement. Respond to comments, engage with your community, and create valuable content that attracts genuine followers.

Summing up

In the dynamic world of Instagram, authenticity and genuine engagement are paramount. Identifying and removing fake followers manually is crucial to maintain credibility and ensure your account's long-term success. By employing the aforementioned strategies and additional techniques, you can effectively differentiate between real followers and those that are artificially generated. This will enable you to build a genuine, engaged community on Instagram. Remember, quality engagement triumphs over quantity in the realm of social media influence. Stay vigilant and nurture an authentic following that appreciates your content and what you stand for.

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