Mastering the Art of Story Advertising



Mastering the Art of Story Advertising



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In the previous article we explained how to find influencers to advertise products and brands. And now let's talk about the easiest and most reliable way to place advertising integrations on the pages of opinion leaders. Publishing native ads in Stories helps promote the product and increase sales. Next we will explain how it works and what formats can be used. We will also share an online service that simplifies and automates work with influencers.

Advertising formats in Stories

First, let’s discuss why advertising in Stories effectively works for sales. Influencers are often called opinion leaders. For their followers, the content from their Instagram page is a source of interesting, valuable and useful information. At the same time, Stories attract the most of users’ attention, since they are located at the very top of the feed.

Native advertising in Stories usually gives good results. Since the most active subscribers constantly follow the influencer’s page updates, integrations with an opinion leader can help to increase the reach and expand the audience of a brand. It is possible to create advertising Stories in different formats. Let's have a detailed look at the main ones.


The influencer provides positive characteristics of the product. He or she explains why the product is good in use or how happy he or she is with the result.

Remember, that you need to place native ads with influencers, who are opinion leaders also among your target audience. For instance, if you sell home decor, you can cooperate with interior designers. If you sell sports goods, choose integrations with fitness trainers or sportsmen.

To encourage followers to learn more about the product, the recommendation Story should look sincere. Therefore, focus not only on the characteristics of the product, but also on the positive emotions of the influencer.


In this format, you can focus on the features and benefits of the product. The review suggests a more detailed Storyline about the product and its characteristics.

Types of reviews:

  • Unpacking. An influencer opens the package, looks at the product and shares his/her impressions. For the best aesthetics, the box can be a gift or have an exclusive design.

Example. Review of the package from Armani. An influencer shows the unpacking process and demonstrates all the items in close-up.

  • The life hack. An influencer shows in Stories how a product or service solves a problem that is relevant to followers. "Life hacks from experts" can significantly increase the audience loyalty to your product.

Example. An influencer shares a life hack (the product) on how to clean the stove without leaving stains.

  • Howto. It is a Story about how to use the product correctly.

Example. An influencer shows how to correctly put the lipstick to get the best effect.

  • We make up an image.This format is suitable for clothes, shoes and accessories. The influencer shows how to create fashionable looks with different items from the brand.

Example. An influencer shows how to style a new bag from the brand with other clothes.

  • We are testing the product. With the help of such Stories, you can show the unique advantages of the product.

Example. Another example of the review is checking the quality of a machine for teeth whitening.

Ready layout

The advertiser sends an influencer a ready-made photo or picture to be published in Stories. This format is suitable especially for events’ promotions.

Regardless of the format of native integration, do not forget to insert a link to a social network page or website in Stories. So, it is convenient for the audience to contact you in case they are interested.

How to order advertising in Instagram Stories

Independently selecting influencers and negotiating with each individually is a long and inefficient process. Not everyone responds promptly to requests. And the deals are not backed up by guarantees: a person can stop replying or postpone the publication date. Therefore, it is better to place native ads in Stories through the advertising platform, such as This is a special platform, where influencers and advertisers find each other and cooperate productively and safely.

How to choose a native integration service

  • Verified influencers. Make sure that the service moderates accounts, so that only "live" pages with a high-quality audience and content get into the catalog.
  • Transparent application processing system. The advertiser must understand which influencer, at what time and in what format will publish a native ad. All terms must be specified in the application form.
  • Performance guarantee or "safe deal". The influencer should receive payment only after publication. If the Stories are not published in accordance with the request, the money should be returned to the advertiser’s account.
  • Collaboration with legal entities. It is important for the customer to obtain closing documents for the accounting.
  • Monitoring the placement of integrations. The service should provide analytics on publications, which allows advertisers to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

An example of such an exchange platform is Let’s have a look at how to quickly and conveniently order advertising in Stories from this platform

There are about 15,000 influencers’ accounts featured in the catalog. All pages are checked manually by the managers. Advertisers are able to choose influencers in a suitable niche using convenient filters. So, how can you use it?

Step 1. Add the chosen influencers to the cart.

For each influencer you can view accounts’ analytics, such as a number of subscribers, reach, top cities, price, audience age etc.

To add the desired influencer, click on the three dots on the right or on the "shopping basket" icon. The selected accounts will be marked in green. The service will also automatically calculate the campaign cost.

Step 2. Top up the balance.

Go to the shopping cart and click top up your balance. Both individuals and legal entities can pay for the services in a convenient way. Payment by bank cards, using online payment services or by QR code is available for individuals. Legal entities can receive an invoice for payment through the bank-client system. To do this, fill in the details of the payer, specify all the details and click "Create account".

Step 3. Configure and launch the project.

Open the campaign page in your personal account and click "Configure Project".

Create a brief for influencers for the integration. Select the date and time of the desirable Story's publication.Then create a template: upload a photo or picture, add a description, attach a link to your social network account or other. If necessary, add additional materials or comments for the influencer. At the end click "Start Project".

Step 4. Check the execution.

After the campaign is completed, you will be able to download screenshots of Stories and evaluate the KPIs of advertising (key performance indicators). Analytics is available for each publication separately.

Summing up

Advertising in Stories with Instagram influencers helps to attract attention to the product, expand reach and increase sales. The format of integrations can be different. You can choose among recommendations, reviews or publications of the ready-made layout.

In order for promotion to be effective, it is important to choose influencers with a high-quality audience. The services, such as, can help with placing high quality integrations. The platform features an extensive catalog of influencers from different niches. All accounts are manually verified. ensures that both advertisers and influencers are protected by a "secure transaction".

Any questions left?

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