Free Fresh juice from How to handle system's automatic orders



Free Fresh juice from How to handle system's automatic orders



How does it work?What's the order about?Why should newcomers take this order?Can you decline the task?Still have questions?Stay up to date with the latest news.

For all influencers on our platform, especially newcomers, we are delighted to introduce a special training program — Fresh juice from This program is designed to help you get acquainted with the service more quickly and understand the basics of working with the platform's tools.

How does it work?

After successful moderation of your account on, a new unique offer from the system will appear in the "My Accounts" section. This order can be easily distinguished from the others thanks to the "Fresh juice" icon on the order card.

What's the order about?

We are inviting influencers to take on an order for our platform: to tell their followers about the opportunities for native ads on their page. Such a post contains only one link, leading to the account card. This is a unique referral link, specifically created for each account owner.

We propose the following text for publication:

Like what you see on this profile?
Ever thought about integrating ads on it? It's as easy as 1-2-3:

Sign up with this link: (link)
Top up your balance using the method that suits you;
Place your request.

If your post resonates with our profile, we'll happily publish it.

Feel free to tweak the text to fit your voice, but make sure to keep the core message and the referral link to the account card.

Why should newcomers take this order?

Based on our experience, many influencers, especially those new to the platform or returning after a long break, encounter difficulties in understanding how the system operates. These challenges may lead to incorrect post integrations, such as missing links, incorrect formats, or inappropriate timing.

The test order provided by our system aims to alleviate these issues. You'll get the chance to familiarize yourself with the order acceptance process, publishing Stories, and delivering statistics within a safe and comfortable environment.

Completing this test order not only helps you avoid mistakes but also offers several advantages:

Platform Practice: An ideal opportunity for newcomers or those out of touch with the ordering process to grasp the nuances of working on the platform;

Bonuses: Receive a cash bonus of 2$ for a "glass of fresh juice," a review on your influencer card, and 5 points added to your catalog rating;

Referral Program: Earn additional income from new users attracted through your unique referral link.

From every customer you invite, you'll earn 3.9% of the cost of all their placements and 1.5% from each completed order by an invited influencer. Detailed statistics can be tracked in the Referral Program section.

Can you decline the task?

You have the right to refuse this order, just like any other offer on our service. However, we strongly encourage you to adhere to an essential rule of our platform — don't ignore orders.

After three ignored requests, we will have to remove the account from our catalog.

We believe this automatic order will be an excellent start or reentry into active work on the platform. Join us and grow with!

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