Exclusive Accounts: Boost Your Instagram Stories Ad Revenue



Exclusive Accounts: Boost Your Instagram Stories Ad Revenue



Exclusive on Instajet.ioWhat benefits do Exclusive Accounts get?How does Instajet.io benefit you in achieving your goals?Ready to start?

We'll help you land cool ad deals from brands and boost your income with Instajet.io's affiliate program.

Exclusive on Instajet.io

Obtaining an exclusive status on Instajet.io offers a unique opportunity for influencers with over 1,000 followers and controversy-free accounts to collaborate with the platform on special terms.

What benefits do Exclusive Accounts get?

Rapid rating growth: Exclusive accounts receive 1.5 times more rating points for each completed order compared to regular accounts. This allows them to rise to the top of the catalog faster, get more orders, and consequently increase their earnings.

Increased number of orders: Exclusive accounts become more noticeable on the platform thanks to:

  • rapid rating growth and climbing to the top of the catalog;
  • a special Diamond icon next to the avatar;
  • being featured under the Exclusive accounts filter.