Monetizing Your Instagram: A Guide for Influencers



Monetizing Your Instagram: A Guide for Influencers



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It takes a lot of time and effort to keep an Instagram account always up-to-date and gain subscribers organically. It is necessary to create original content, study trends, promote the page and communicate with the audience. The development of an account requires investments, but there is no affiliate program as such in Instagram. Each opinion leader independently looks for monetization options.

In our article we have collected popular ways to monetize Instagram accounts. We will also share a link to a useful service, which can help you to double your earnings on advertising integrations.

How to make money on your Instagram account

Some earning methods require certain knowledge or expertise, others are suitable to all influencers. Our list is compiled in a way that everyone can find a perfect option for themselves.

Use the service is a native integration exchange platform that helps advertisers and influencers to collaborate efficiently. Advertisers promote their brand, gain additional reach and engage with new audiences. From the other side, influencers earn money on placing native ads in Stories.

The ingfluencer's manager or the influencer himself does not need to negotiate price and terms with each advertiser individually. Work on the platform is already automated and convenient. Influencers add accounts to the catalog, and then receive a constant stream of new integrations.

Joining the service is very easy, as the registration process takes a few minutes. There are no risks to perform the collaboration and not get paid. All users are protected by a "secure transaction". If an influencer places the integration in accordance with the advertiser’s brief, the payment is guaranteed to be transferred to his or her balance. Influencers can withdraw the payment to a card or an individual entrepreneur's account.

Now let’s have a look at the process of adding an account to the catalog of Only professional and real accounts with an audience of at least 1,000 followers can be registered in the service.

If you are using a personal account, you should switch settings in advance. Here we explain how.

1. Log in to your Instagram profile settings and select "Settings and privacy" from the menu.

2. Click "Switch account type" and select "Switch to business account".

How to register in

1. On the main page of the website, switch to the section for influencers.

2. Log in to your personal account and click "Add new account".

3. Fill in the profile data. You need to upload an avatar, add a link to the Instagram page, select the topic, specify the gender and location. Write briefly what your page is dedicated to. Click "Next".

4. Upload statistics of your account. Open the Statistics section in the Settings of the Instagram page, take screenshots of the audience and views’ data. Attach screenshots to the registration form.

5. Choose the format you are ready to publish integrations in. It could be personal recommendations or already ready-made layouts from advertisers. Specify the cost of integrations.

"Personal recommendations" are independent influencers’ videos or photos with reviews of the advertiser's products or services.

"Ready-made layouts" is a placement of photos and videos provided by the advertiser.

6. If you are ready to make discounts to advertisers, switch the red pointer to the right and select a percentage.

7. Tick the box to accept the terms and conditions of the service and click "Finish". New accounts are moderated within only 24 hours.

8. All your accounts will be available in your personal area. If necessary, they can be edited or deleted.

Courses and marathons

Instagram accounts can be used to monetize your knowledge and expertise. If you have unique experience or professional skills in any field, try to create a course or run a marathon. High-quality information products are always in demand. With a competent approach to a promotion, you can successfully monetize knowledge from any field. The important point is that the course must be really useful and meet the needs of the target audience. In that case the product will catch the attention of followers and you will be able to earn money.

Example. An influencer has courses on how to earn money on Instagram and become an influencer manager. The link for the catalog of services is included in her account’s bio.

Sell your own goods and services

If you sell goods or provide services, use your Instagram account to promote them. This method of monetization is suitable for both freelancers and entrepreneurs.

You can talk about a product or brand, present new products, show items in motion on your Instagram page. Add the store's contacts and website address to the profile header or invite users to write to Direct messages to place an order.

Instagram also provides the opportunity to organize a full-fledged online store, where users are able to order your products directly on the platform. If you add other content useful to your followers apart from the advertisement, the interest in the product itself will grow. This way you will increase your reach and form a loyal audience.

Example. An influencer advertises her own beauty product, which is oil for the skin by showing on herself the effect from usage. By doing so, it is possible to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Influencers can also sell their merchandise on Instagram, such as clothes, accessories or souvenirs decorated in the author's style or branded with a logo. If an expert is running an Instagram account, he or she can sell the personal consultations. This service is in demand among followers, who need professional help in any matter.

Partner programs

You can also earn money by advertising other people's goods and services on Instagram. Brands are willing to pay influencers to gain access to an additional audience. Usually influencers post a link to the partner company's website or social network on their pages and receive a remuneration. Depending on the terms of the agreement, influencers can be paid for clicks, targeted audience’s actions or simply sales. Sometimes it can be enough to add a link to the profile description. Another type of collaboration is where an influencer needs to publish posts with personal recommendations.

Another way is to register on special platforms, so-called CPA networks. These are online platforms where advertisers and influencers agree on various collaborations.

Organization of joint purchases

It is more profitable to buy clothes, household appliances, children's toys and other consumer goods from wholesale suppliers or manufacturers. Usually prices are lower than in retail stores. Then they ship only large batches of products or multiple wholesale packages. The initiators of joint purchases collect small orders from Instagram followers, organize them and send to a wholesale supplier. It is profitable both for the seller and the organizer, who receives a percentage of the purchase price.


You can collect donations to support businesses on Instagram, social projects, personal needs or support in an emergency situation. A special donation function is available for charity purposes. You can collect donations on a bank card or through special services.

Summing up

There are different ways to monetize an Instagram account. If you sell goods or provide services, promote your product on the platform. Freelancers and DIY professionals can also find customers on Instagram. If you don't have your own product, you can register on the platform and earn money by collaborating with brands. There are about 70,000 companies and a constant flow of requests. Influencers can also sell their own products on Instagram, such as courses and marathons. This option is suitable for those who want to share the knowledge or a professional experience with the audience.

Any questions left?

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