Skyrocket Your Instagram Reels Views



Skyrocket Your Instagram Reels Views



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According to Instagram's own data, a daily audience of more than 200 million users engage with Reels. At least one Reel is found in the account of one in every two Instagram influencers. This underscores that Reels have become indispensable in the social media landscape. The algorithms of Instagram are designed to prioritize Reels when it comes to effective and cost-free promotion.

Introduced in 2021, these bite-sized videos have only increased in popularity. With the mass adoption of Reels, standing out and gaining popularity through this medium has become somewhat more challenging. In this piece, we will explore strategies to boost your viewership on Instagram Reels. This includes leveraging popular trends and hashtags, creating content that taps into current fads, and effectively marketing it.

Reels’ Algorithm

1) Engagement Metrics: Instagram's Reels algorithm closely examines how long users spend watching your Reels. If your followers watch the videos to the end and even replay them, the likelihood of your Reel appearing on The Reels tab increases significantly. Additional engagement, such as comments, likes, and shares, further amplifies the chance of reaching a broader audience.

2) Traffic Source: The algorithm also considers where the traffic to your Reels is coming from. If your video gains views through recommendations from other users, it has a higher chance of ranking at the top of feeds and search results.

3) Consistency in Posting: The frequency with which you post Reels affects their visibility. Infrequent posting—say, once a month—won't cut it. You need to create Reels consistently for Instagram to eventually feature them on The Reels tab, although this usually takes a few months.

Criteria for being featured on the Reels tab

Captivating Content:Given the current popularity of the Reels format, numerous influencers are producing high-quality content. Therefore, churning out a multitude of uninteresting videos and waiting for them to be featured is an outdated strategy. To increase views and audience engagement, your Reels should be viral, creative, trendy, and original.

How to Test for Originality: A universal gauge for originality is replay value. After you've shot your Reel, and added music, and effects, show it to friends and acquaintances. Observe whether they replay your Reel and where they lose interest. If they opt to replay your Reel multiple times, it's likely engaging.

Develop Your Own Style:The best approach is to cultivate a unique style that sets your videos apart from thousands of other Reels. This could be a unique theme, uncommon sound effects, amusing descriptions, or unexpected endings.

First Impressions Count:If you're new to Reels, pay special attention to your first three videos. Instagram's algorithm uses them to evaluate your potential and to determine whether to promote your future Reels.

Promotion Metrics:To summarize in numbers, the conditions under which Instagram is likely to promote your Reels on the Reels tab are as follows:

  • 5-20% of viewers liked your Reel

  • 2% saved the Reel or its audio track

  • 3-5% shared it with friends

Adhering to these guidelines increases the likelihood of having your Reels featured and gaining broader exposure.


Contrary to what you might think, hashtags aren't outdated. However, their purpose has shifted: they're now more about helping algorithms identify the subject of your Reels, rather than simply racking up more views and likes. Gone are the days of using a dozen hashtags like #likeforlike, #followme, and #like, as was common in 2016. Nowadays, you only need 4-5 relevant hashtags that directly relate to the content of your Reel. Be cautious not to use overly generic hashtags like #food or #travel; your video could get lost among thousands of similar ones. Similarly, obscure or low-frequency hashtags won't help either, as they're rarely searched for on Instagram. Therefore, avoid narrowing your audience artificially.

  • On the left, you'll see an excellent example of hashtag usage—relevant to the topic, neither too broad nor too specific.

  • On the right is a poor example: overly broad hashtags. People searching for Reels with a city name hashtag are unlikely to be interested in a Reel about changing fashion styles.


So, how do you identify trends in your niche? A good place to start is by searching hashtags, especially those used by your target audience and new, emergent hashtags that could point to trending topics within your niche. Once you've decided which hashtags to track, you just have to keep scrolling. If you encounter more than three Reels featuring the same music, bookmark that audio track—it's likely a trend. The same logic applies to the video content itself. Aim to create and publish your video quickly, as Reels trends usually have a lifespan of 2-3 weeks at most.

A word of caution—don't simply replicate a Reel that caught your eye in your feed or recommendations. Aim to bring something unique to the table and maintain the style consistent with your account. This will help you retain your individuality in the Instagram universe and keep your audience engaged and interested in your content.

Examples of trendy Reels

Barbie Trend Reel: showcasing creative makeup set to trending music